One of my first sitting down meals was with Niemeyer, or rather in Niemeyer. This architect's building, Rio's Museum of Contemporary Art, resembles an UFO so much that, given my just-arrived to Brazil alien condition, my attraction towards it doesn't seem to be ironic. Besides the museum is known as MAC de Niterói, name perfectly transferable to a spaceship. Inside I find a really interesting piece by a brazilian artist, Bárbara Schall , whose video "Posso me ver nos teus olhos" ("I can see me in your eyes") I've left below.

The hidden Bistró downstairs offers a pretty international menu, and I find this helpful as a sign of gradual adaptation to the enviroment. Aditionally they let me nose around the kitchen, where the chef tries to explain to me every saucepan's content with sweet Tarzan gestures (my fault, I don't speak portuguese). Mind you, no pictures allowed!, tells me the owner, as if I was going to report the exact sauces distribution to the goverment.

Restaurants in museums are not always a good choice, but it's certainly not the case of the one in the MAM in São Paulo (Museum of Modern Art). Buffets are usually quite risky, especially in Brazil where selling food by the weight in restaurants in very common. However, everything turns out to be delicious and brazilian at the MAM. It also comes with Adriana Varejão's exhibition, brazilian artist famous for her carnal or carnivorous voluptuousnesses, a sort of baroque landscape of organs.

Next to the MAM is São Paulo's Biennale pavilion, also designed by Niemeyer, where the 30th edition takes place. The content left my mind boiling (positive comment).