Starting Brazil up ain't no small bite. Overwhelmed by the task, I decide to inaugurate the appetite with some salgados, literally translated as "savouries", which are little snacks with a multiple origin (Arab, Portuguese or even Spanish). They are very popular and easy to find practicaly at every corner in Rio, many of doubtful quality. However, they are also made for parties or events, so there are also exclusive salgado-making companies.

There are many tipes of salgados, such as:
Esfirras: original from Syria and Lebanon, it consists on a bread dough with different fillings.
Coxinha: these are a kind of fried teardrops feint, which try to imitate the typical chicken thighs with a questionable success. They consist of a wheat flour dough, chicken and potatoe or mandioca stock, forming a ball together and filling it , for example, with chichen and cream cheese (catupiry). Finally they are closed, shaped into teardrops, coated in breadcrumbs and deep fried.
- Last but not least come the empadas, which are simply pasties made of massa podre (flour and fat) with different fillings.

Brazilian movie with very good coxinhas: