Chilean Empanadas

For pino empanadas, like in most of the simple things, there are a million theories about the most intimate details which distinguish the elegance of the ones to the rude of the others. The first one, well known, is if the meat is picada or molida. In Chile molida means minced by machine, and picada minced by hand with a knife, that is like a kind of tiny ragout. On the other hand, it is of vital importance the amount of onions. If an empanada has more onion than meat, then you've been swindled by the seller, who has filled with onion the space of a short meat, and in a meat empanada, you must get meat most of all! Finally there are the different preferences about the number of raisins, not liked by everyone, and the kind of olives. As for me, with one raisin per empanada it's fine, and I'm not fuzzy about the kind of olive, as long as it's boneless. There's nothing worse than a trusting bite against something hard. Anyway, it's best to try to make them yourself:

Pino or filling

- ½ kg beef
- 2 cups of chopped onions
- 2 garlic cloves
- 2 spoonfuls of oil
- ¼ cup of raisins
- ½ cup of beef stock
- 1 teaspoon of chopped ají
- ¼ teaspoon of cumin
- ½ teaspoon of oregano
- ¾ teaspoon of salt
- Pepper to taste
- Boneless olives
- 3 boiled eggs
- 1 beaten egg

The Dough

- 3 cups of flour
- 1 teaspoon of salt
- 1 teaspoon baking powder
- 1/3 cup of fat, melted
- ¾ cup warm milk
- ¼ cup warm water


For the dough, make a volcano with the dry ingredients, and in the center put the melted fat, milk and water. Knead until it's elastic and not sticky. Let it rest for ½ hour.

For the pino, first of all mince the beef into very small cubes. Soak the raisins in warm water for one hour. Sauté the beef with the onions and garlic until the onions are transparent. Add the stock, cumin, oregano, salt, pepper and ají and let it cook until it thickens. Afterwards let it cool, because if it solidifies a little bit it will be easier to work with Then we spread the dough with a rolling pin and make a 3cm thick layer. Cut circles of about 20cm wide. Cut the boiled eggs in 4 slices each and we are ready to assemble the empanadas: you put one spoonful of filling in the center of every dough circle, along with one boiled egg slice, one olive and one raisin. To seal the empanadas, wet half of the border of the dough, bend it and close it. Paint them with the beaten egg so they will be golden after baking, poke 2 or 3 times so they don't open. Finally, bake at 200°C for 20 minutes, or until the dough is cooked.