The Paisas

Colombia is divided in multiple regions which, defying the geographers, I'll gather more or less in four: the coast, the mountains, the jungle and the paisa region. The latter includes the people from Antioquia, Risaralda, Caldas, Quindío, North and East of the Cauca valley Northeast of Tolima, where the have a different accent and their own gastronomy. The paisas lisp proudly and are very enthusiastic with the food (and life in general), and, having into account that their typical dish has 14 elements, it could also be said that they also have a great appetite. The bandeja paisa is served on a tray because otherwise there wouldn't be enough space for everything, not joking. Let's say that if Hercules was a worker, on his break he would go to Colombia for a snack, none other that to eat white rice, mince, pork belly, fried egg, plantain, Antioquian chorizo with lemon, arepa, hogao, Cargamanto beans, sliced tomato, avocado and banana. Something light, we don't want to abuse. What is clear is that to face a bandeja paisa, at least you have to fast.

The bandeja paisa was chosen as the national plate not without controversy, because this choice would assume the paisa as the most representative Colombian. This is the reason why they promoted the dish to "mountaineer tray" or "bandeja montañera", although this identity change made no impression on the Colombian people, leaving the Country orphan of a national dish.