Once more we run into what I’ve started to call “fake-friends”. If with our eyes closed we had to guess which is the main ingredients of the encocados, without having any previous culinary knowledge, who wouldn’t say the coca (which around this latitudes is chewed by many mouths). A second attempt would go towards coconut: bingo! The encocado is a dish cooked in coconut milk, usually with prawns or chicken, and served with rice. Is typical from the Pacific coast, from Peru to Colombia, and, within Ecuador, the best well known are from the Esmeraldas region. I can do nothing else but corroborate this fame, entirely justified, of the "Esmeraldian encocado", which became directly my favorite dish of Ecuador, with each one of its characters.

To prepare it you liquefy the coconut along with its own water, then you drain it and add a bit of coconut milk and water. In this mix you cook the prawns or chicken. Last but not least, you add chilangua, which is coriander from Esmeraldas. However, here I post a recipe that seems to adapt better to the common home.