RECIPE -Tilapia with Palm Hearts and Passion Fruit Sau

“Traditional Ecuadorian cuisine was not addicted to spices (...), moreover, the excessive use was criticized: “it was not Mary’s cooking but spicy cooking” used to say grandmothers with distaste.”


- Tilapia fish filets
- Palm hearts
- Passion fruit
- Green plantain
- Butter


1. Peel the green plantain and cut it like chips.
2. Blend the passion fruit’s pulp and strain so you get no seeds.
3. Fry the plantain chips.
4. Slice the palm hearts and season with lemon and olive oil.
5. Fry the fish in butter on the skin side so it crisps up.
6. On the same pan, heat some butter until it goes brown, and then add the passion fruit pulp and cook till it thickens a bit.
7. Serve the tilapia with the plantain chips and cover with the passion fruit sauce.