The corn is america

"It wasn't going to be long before the Sun, the Moon and the stars would appear above the Creators and Shapers. From Paxil de Cayalá, named like that they came the yellow and white corn cobs. These are the names of the animals which brought the food: Yac (the cat of the mountain), Utiú (the coyote), Quel (Chocoyo) and Hoh (the raven). (...) And that is how they found the food and that was how it entered in the body of the created man, the shaped man; this was their blood, from this was made the man's blood. That is how the corn entered in the man through work of the parents."

Popol Vuh


The corn is America and America is made of corn. According to the Popol Vuh, holy Mayan book, although from an unknown author like the most epic poems, the man became man when the corn invaded his body and, grain by grain, came to be human. This myth couldn't be any more illustrative of what the corn represents, not only in the nourishment, but in the whole American culture. It is the beginning, way and finish line. The god Quetzalcóatl is also considered like the discoverer of the Central American edible gold: according to the legend, the man's benefactor turned into a black ant in order to get to the corn. After overcoming countless obstacles, he managed to transport the grain to the man and put it in their mouths "so as they eat it, they will become strong". One way or another, the corn constitutes the absolute origin of humanity around these neighborhoods.


"Corn, society, culture and history are entangled. Our past and present have their foundation in the corn. Our life is based on the corn. We are the people of the corn."

Guillermo Bonfil Batalla