The Chivito

Not long ago I was told the fact (as if it was secret or urgent) that the sandwich before being bread it was Lord, and a playing card addict Lord. In order to be able to eat and play in unison, which is not easy, Lord Sandwich invented the sandwich, not suspecting how ridiculous the name would sound referred to a person in the following centuries. But that is not all, because besides Lord there are islands, the South Sandwich Islands. How are those people called then? Sandwiches?

Far from being a nation, the chivito is however the Uruguayan national dish, and it is, proudly, a sandwich. It was invented back in the 40s by Antonio Carbonaro, who narrates the fortuitous creation fot the El Correo Punta del Este paper: "It was a complicated night; we had suffered a power outage. A customer appeared, coming from North Argentina or Chile I think, who asked for chivito (young goat) meat because she has tried it before coming to Punta del Este, in Córdoba, and had liked it very much. As we didn't have any, we toasted some bread with fat and added some ham and juicy steak. The woman loved it. Lucky enough we got out of it, and, by accident, ended up inventing the chivito".

Nowadays the chivito comes with beef loin, ham, panceta (bacon), mozzarella cheese, lettuce, tomatoe slices, boiled egg slices, red pepper and mayonnaise. It looks like if they had carried out a survey among the Urugayan population asking which ingredient would they incluse in a sandwich, and to please everyone and celebrate democracy, they had accepted every ingredient as equal, only limited by flexible bread slices.

After long asking where to find the best chivito in Montevideo, my investigation led me to one of those bars where young people end their nights and old people start their days. "It's said that you serve the best chivito in town here". I had always wanted to say something like that and saw the chance clearly. The waiter, maybe stunned or flattered, ended up burning the bread a little bit in a fit of nerves. It was very tasty anyway, and I didn't need to eat anymore in the whole day.